Here and away. Living in two worlds

A book, videos and archive materials about immigration and internal migration in Switzerland.

Over a period of half a year, more than seventy migrants took part in oral history workshops where they discussed their own life stories. They came to Switzerland from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Turkey and former Yugoslavia. Swiss people who moved from remote mountain regions to urban centres in the forties and fifties also took part. In another workshop, children from European and overseas countries dealt with their experiences of migration, too.

A book and a documentary video, which are available from bookshops, have resulted from the intercultural project. These can also, together with additional audiovisual materials and documents be borrowed from the Swiss Social Archive in Zurich, or be examined there.

In “Here and away. Living in two worlds”, some of the experience and rich culture of migration in Switzerland from the perspectives of contemporary witnesses is for the first time collected and made publicly available.

pictorial documents