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Transcripts of fourteen video interviews

As part of the workshops, between February and June 1999 fourteen video interviews,  with two participants from each workshop, were also conducted by Heinz Nigg (camera Christoph Burkhard). The interviews lasted between one and two hours. In contrast to audio tapes, video footage enables the inclusion of facial expressions and gestures which emphasise the living qualities of biographical interviews and are particularly suitable for presentations to groups and as exhibits in exhibitions.

The questions focused on the guiding themes of the workshops. (c.f. notes on the individual sections from the chapter "Migrants from 7 countries recall" ("MigrantInnen aus 7 Ländern erzählen") in the book "Da und fort. Leben in zwei Welten", pp. 18, 35, 46/47, 63, 89, 103-104, 112-113 and 122-123). This concerns semi-structured interviews, in which digressions from the questions were possible when they seemed appropriate to the interviewer. All the video interviews can be viewed or borrowed from the Swiss Social Archive. The shortened and linguistically tidied textual versions of the interviews have been printed in the the book "Da und fort. Leben in zwei Welten" and are available online at under "Book".

The complete transcripts of the video interviews are available for research purposes and may be seen at the Swiss Social Archive in Zurich. The video transcripts (a total of 221 A4 pages) may only be used for research purposes. Access to the interviews or any part thereof requires the consent of the interviewees and the project head, Heinz Nigg

Archive number of the Swiss Social Archive: Ar 201.158.3