VideoHeinz Nigg (ed.): Da und fort. Leben in zwei Welten

Video documentation about immigration and internal migration in Switzerland.
DVD 70 min., with german subtitles and teaching materials (german).

With the collaboration of Sabine Fischer, Frank Hyde-Antwi, Thomas O. Maurer und Jolanda Piniel.

In addition to the book, the video documentation enables an audiovisual engagement with the issue of migration - in schools, in public youth work, and in adult education.

Limmat Verlag 2002.

CHF 48.- (Shipping included). Orders to:
ISBN 3-85791-400-9


What would I like to be when I grow up? 
Six boys and four girls talk about their ideas of the future. They come from Lanka, Angola, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Macedonia und Iraq. At the time the video was made the children were between ten and thirteen years old and had only been living in Switzerland for between five and ten months (7 Min.).

Memories of Migration - Interviews
Thematically arranged extracts from interviews with

Ruth D. from Hagen, Germany, Charly O. from Turtmann in Wallis, Switzerland, Pellegrino T. from San Marco dei Cavoti, Italy, Judith M. from Budapest, Hungary, Djuro K. from Bosanska Gradiska, Bosnia, Rrahim K. from Grejkovc, Kosovo and Mükerrem G. from Ankara, Turkey (50 Min.), with german subtitles.

Memories of Migration - Objects
Migrants' objects, photos and documents which recall their leaving and arriving (11 Min.).